Sneak Preview: Romancing the Chef

My new book Romancing the Chef, is near and dear to my heart because it’s a sequel to my very first book Promise Me. Over the years, fans often asked when Veronica Howard from Promise Me would get her own story.  I’m pleased to say that her story is finally here.  Sassy chef Ronnie is traveling to Vegas to participate in a TV cooking contest against her old friend and rival “The Sexy Chef” Ace Brown.

Please enjoy this sneak preview of Romancing the Chef available now at and in stores January 2011:

Ronnie stumbled off the plane in Las Vegas, feeling rumpled and irritable.  It had been a miserable flight, and now all she wanted to do was get her luggage and go.

She made her way to baggage claim, then watched the carousel circle, trying to stay back from the fray of elbowing passengers hauling their bags away.

After several minutes, she spotted her navy-blue bag.  Timing her approach carefully, she made a grab for it.  But, at that same time, a large man who’d been talking on his cell phone with his back to the carousel, spotted the bag and went for it.

The bag slipped from her fingers as he pulled it out of her gasp.

Temper spiking, Ronnie said, “Hey, man, that’s my bag.  See I wrote my name on the label in neon green ink.”

“Oh sorry, ma’am,” he said, immediately setting the bag down in front of her.

Ronnie shot a glaring looking upward and froze in place.  She was staring at none other than The Sexy Chef himself.

Pressing her fingers to her lips in surprise, she said, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it.  Ace Brown.”

He flashed his perfect white teeth.  “Well, yes.  It’s always a pleasure to be recognized by a fan.”

The smile died from Ronnie’s lips.  She searched his face to see if this was some sort of joke.  Instead she saw a friendly distance in his eyes.

Ronnie had been looking forward to seeing Ace’s reaction to her new, slimmer figure, but she doubted she looked that different from her former self.

Instead of being flattered, Ronnie found herself getting ticked off.  She’d finally come face to face with her old friend Ace Brown, and he didn’t have a clue who she was.

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  1. Keri Gould says:

    The book had a great combination of my favorites; food, fun, mystery and romance. Veronica was a up and coming chef that is trying her hand at a cooking show. She has her right hand helper with her (which at times I wanted to slap for the way she talked to her) and was all set. The only snag came when a “crush” Ace from culinary school was also added to the cooking show. The first time they meet he doesn’t recognize her. I have to admit that I bump into people from high school all the time and I don’t remember everyone, you’ll be lucky if I do. But Veronica lost weight so she changed and Ace was distracted. When he does remember her it’s too late as far as she is concerned because lust is in his eyes. Veronica simply can’t trust that he is attracted to the real her, not the slimmer her. It takes some dates (that she allows herself to let go, enough for her to go on and have fun) and then Ace proving himself through the various obstacles that get thrown their way. But to Ace’s credit he only gets better at being there for her and showing her he cares about her. It’s a cute book and has you wondering if your high school (or college) dream guy is worth meeting again?

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