2 Months Until 40

In 2008, I published a novel called Lilah’s List about a woman with a list of things to accomplish before she turned thirty. With only two months to go before I turn forty, I had to ask myself, “What do you want to accomplish before your fortieth birthday?”

Thankfully I published my first book in my twenties, so I can check that off the list. I got married and had a baby in my thirties, check and check. I recently lost thirty pounds, and I exercise three times a week. Two more checks, please! But, since becoming a mother, my writing career has taken a backseat to my personal life. So that leaves me with a few writing related things to accomplish by forty.

I let my memberships to my writing groups lapse, I haven’t sent a new proposal to my agent in two years, and my critique group has completely fallen apart. With my personal life in relatively good shape, it’s time for me to think seriously about my writing career again. In the next two months, I want to renew my RWA and WRW memberships, send a new proposal to my agent, and my critique group… well, that depends on the girls, but I’ll keep after them to join me in making writing a priority again.

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