Happy New Year

The tagline on my current release, Romancing the Chef, says “New Year, New Love.”  For me, this year is about getting reacquainted with an old love of mine… writing.  Since becoming a mom in 2009, my relationship with writing has been on the rocks.  I seriously think writing has considered leaving me.  We don’t spend time together anymore, and when we do, it’s strained at best.  But, this year, I’ve made a commitment to saving my relationship with writing.  We’ve got to get the magic back, and there’s only one way to do it.  We’ve got to get together every single day.

This is a challenge because I’m a chronic procrastinator.  Do they have any 12-step programs for this? No?  Well, that’s another issue altogether.  Anyway, I’m the kind of person who only gets work done when there’s a deadline.  And that work gets done at the last minute.  In college, that meant papers got written at 3 AM the night before they were due.   With book contracts, it has often meant they got written in that last month before the deadline.  But, now that I have a kid, I don’t have time to be a procrastinator.  And I literally can’t afford it.  Who knew one little person could cost so much money?

So, writing and I have got to make it work.  We’ve got put our problems with each other in the past, and move forward.  It’s been two days since I’ve been back on the job, and writing and I are getting along pretty well.  We’re realizing how much we’ve missed each other.  And, while ours will probably always be a love/hate relationship.  I know now, it’s going to be worth the hard work it will take to keep us together for the long haul.

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  1. Denise Anderson says:

    Happy New Year
    Romancing the Chef was a very enjoyable read keep writing and I will keep reading your novels.
    I know how much little ones cost and how wonderful and lovable they are. Have a safe and happy
    New Year with much PEACE, JOY AND BLESSING.


  2. So one of the satellite effects of this writing daily thing is that, as momentum increases, so does my desire to get things out there. I’ve always found submitting poetry to competitions and journals about as painful as writing them in the first place – in part just because of the sheer boring-ness of it, and in part because, yes, I’m lazy and disorganised. But today I submitted four pieces to Magma magazine, and I’m working on my submission to the Faber new poets scheme – ambitious, yes, but why the hell not? It doesn’t cost anything to enter, like most competitions do. I’m also thinking about a submission to a new online journal, and two other upcoming competitions run by Mslexia . The likelihood is that none of these will actually come to anything… but just having a go feels empowering. And grouping all my poems together, in some sort of coherent order, has helped me identify which ones still have slight disfigurements that need fixing, as well as rediscovering some that I’d forgotten about/mislaid after The Great Laptop Theft of 2012.

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