Is it Wrong for a Writer to Hate Writing?

This may sound strange but, I have nothing to say…. Facebook status updates, Twitter, blog posts = nothing, nada, blank empty space. I hate that kind of writing. I love the creative writing that forms pages that become chapters that result in books. But trying to wax poetic in these short trendy forums is excruciating.

My personal Facebook page is mostly consumed by updates about my two-year-old, which, let’s face it, is probably only interesting to me, my husband and my mom. When it comes to updating my Facebook fan page Books by Robyn Amos, I’ve resorted to posting links to fabulous things other people are saying. But that’s not going to fly for a blog post. And when it comes to Twitter, I say nothing at all.

As a writer, one might expect me to blog about books or writing. I don’t get to read as much as I would like, so I’m not current on the literary market. And it’s difficult to explain how you do what you just… do. Really, the only subject I can debate intellectually is television. I watch a ton of it. Is it inappropriate to use my author blog to discuss the Real Housewives of Where Ever, Grey’s Anatomy or even Sesame Street?

So why am I writing this miserable post about what miserable job I’m doing of updating my miserable blog? First and foremost, to take up space. Secondly, to resolve to do better. My Personal Facebook page is a lost cause. Don’t go there unless you want to see endless pictures of my kid. As for my fan page, I actually think posting interesting links is a good use of that page. For Twitter, my best bet is to use it to acknowledge decent updates of these other forums. And this blog? I may never wax poetic. But, I’m working on it.

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  2. Ava Bleu says:

    Robyn, I feel your pain! It’s easier to comment on other people’s blogs than to write on my own. But I’m also bad at greeting cards, short “post-it” messages and quick email responses. I have come to accept my shortcomings … my name is Ava and I can’t keep it short and sweet. But I’m working on it, too :-).
    P.S. Love your work!

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