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Sex and the Single Braddock

Romancing the Chef
January 2011
Kimani Press
ISBN #: 978-0-373-86194-1
©2011 Robyn Amos

A passionate, five-star feast for all the senses


When Veronica Howard is invited to compete in an all-star TV cooking contest, the up-and-coming restauranteur is ready for a fair food fight. Then she discovers who her main competition is: Ace Brown, her friend from culinary school—now the world's hottest celebrity chef. Has she gone from the frying pan right into the fire?


Ace Brown—aka the Sexy Chef—knows what women want. After all, recipes for desire are his globe-trotting specialty. Ronnie many not have given him the time of day back in school, but this time Ace is cooking up a surprise she can't resist. Seducing the voluptuous foodie will be his pleasure...until she turns up the heat. With sexual sparks flying, is the footloose bachelor about to become a connoisseur... of love?


New Year, New Love

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