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Promise Me

Promise Me

Reissued March 2007

Harlequin Arabesque

ISBN #:0373830076

First Edition October 1997
ISBN #: 0-7860-0444-4
© 1997 Robyn Amos

Promise Me Passion


Cara Williams had left a career—and a controlling fiance—to become a fitness trainer at a health club in Washington, DC. Then she was ready to return to the computer field, on her terms, with a software program she'd created. It looked like clear sailing until AJ Gray came on the scene. The powerful president of Capital Computer Consulting, AJ offered Cara the expertise she needed, even as his kisses triggered her worst fears and her deepest desires.


Promise Me Love


Struck by Cara's independent spirit and beauty, AJ was more than willing to help her improve her software program. But suddenly the tables were turned, as someone began sabotaging his company's systems. Now it was Cara that AJ needed to turn to. It was Cara who would show him that theirs could be an equal partnership, based on love that was a marriage of hearts and minds.

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