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Private Lies

Private Lies

Reissued February 2007

Harlequin Arabesque

ISBN#: 037383005X

First Edition March 1998
ISBN#: 0-7860-0496-7
© 1998 Robyn Amos

Brought together by deception...

Strikingly exotic Jaunie Sterling was the perfect decoy for suspicious wives out to test their husband's fidelity. Thats what Intimate Investigations paid her to do, and her success rate was impressive. No man had ever failed to fall into her seductive trap—before Trent Douglas that is. Not that he didn't want her. On the contrary, her smooth cinnamon skin and deep tawny eyes rattled every inch of him. But he was a faithfully engaged man and declined Jaunie's enticing advances.


Will danger tear them apart?

Years later, Jaunie still thought about Trent Douglas. Although she'd only been doing her job, she'd never forgotten the icy stair he fixed on her when he realized he'd been set up. Now, part-owner in her own P.I. firm, Jaunie and Trent's paths are about to cross again—this time in a case that involves Trent. Suddenly, there's no dodging each other, or the irrepressible desire they've been trying to deny. But when someone begins stalking Jaunie—someone with a deadly message—to hold onto love, she must hold onto her life...

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