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Lilah's List

Lilah's List
January 2008
Kimani Press
ISBN #: 9780373860494
©2008 Robyn Amos

You never forget your first crust...


Dating R&B megastar Reggie Martin was number one on Lilah Banks's top-ten list of things she wanted to do before turning thirty. Now the divorced twenty-nine-year-old was finally going for it. But it wasn't Reggie who came to the door when Lilah and her best friend crashed a private party (another item on The List) at a swanky Manhattan dance club. It was his sexy brother, Tyler.


Tyler never forgot the sassy sixteen-year-old who'd pined for his younger brother. But nothing prepared him for the grown-up Lilah. Now Tyler was making a wish list of his own. And the first item on his list? Seduce Lilah Banks into falling in love with him...

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