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Enchanting Melody

Enchanting Melody
May 2007
Kimani Press
ISBN #: 0373860180
©2007 Robyn Amos

He loved a challenge


You didn't go from being a poor kid in the hood to making millions on Wall Street unless you had a man-size desire to succeed. Will Coleman had all that—and good looks and head-turning, hard-muscled body to match. So what if he taught ballroom dancing in his spare time? Will was all man. And all he needed was the perfect woman....

She danced to the beat of a different drum


Then Melody Rush, a bodacious beauty with long, wavy hair down to her curvy behind—and an equally feisty attitude—walked into his dance studio. And suddenly Will was left wondering if she might be the one.


She was a society girl who enjoyed the freedom of slumming it, but he was a striver, determined to escape his impoverished past.

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