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Bring Me A Dream

Bring Me A Dream
Released November 2001
ISBN #: 0-380-81542-7
© 2001 Robyn Amos


He's Too Hot — But She Can Handle Him


Jasmine White is tired of people questioning her ability to do her job. She knows she's the best bodyguard in the business, and she'll tell anyone who asks. And now she's got to take sass from her new client Spencer Powell, the late-night radio jock who callls himself "the Sandman." Someone's threatening the Sandman—and if Jasmine messes up this high-profile assignment, he’ll tell everyone about it!

But sexy-cool Spencer’s not so sure he wants a woman protecting him—even one as fine as Jasmine. Part of him wants to drive her away and another part wants to hold her delectable body as close to him as possible. And when their body chemistry heats up, the fire it generates could prove a lot more dangerous than any anonymous death threat!

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