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Bachelorette Blues

Bachelorette Blues

Reissued June 2005

Silhouette Books


First Edition February 1999
Silhouette Books
ISBN#: 0-373-52086-7
© 1999 Robyn Amos

How to Beat the Bachelorette Blues


1. Find Mr. Right

  • Carefully make list of qualities needed
  • Narrow down choices to three polished, professional men
  • Ignore Max Winston's charms!

2. Date Mr. Right

  • Attend social functions
  • Dress properly
  • Avoid Max Winston's gorgeous eyes!

3. Plan for a wedding

  • Have a long engagement
  • Organize the perfect ceremony
  • Stop fantasizing about walking down the aisle with Max Winston!

Hmm. Maybe Shayna Gunther should rethink her list....

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