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The single most common question writers are asked is, "where do you get your ideas?" Even though most of us are inspired with a particular idea when we begin to write, sometimes the process can stall. If you need to find a new motivation for your characters or a new twist for your plot, some of these unique Internet links may stimulate your creativity.


FACADE They offer free readings using Tarot, Runes, the I Ching, and Biorhythms and other fortune telling methods online. Just type in a question about your character or your plot and see what turns up.


THE ASTROLOGY ZONE: MATCHMAKER BY SIGN —To use Matchmaker by Sign, choose your heroine's sign and then your hero's to pair it with. You'll receive a detailed analysis of how all the elements of your characters' horoscopes interact and influence this pairing. You can see what things they have in common and what things could be problem spots at first or later down the line (Great for plotting conflicts). You can discover how all areas of the relationship can go, from working together in a professional setting, to their sexual compatibility.


BIOWEB — Find out what biorhythms really are, use the site's applet to plot your character's bio-cycles and their compatibility. Features a free biorhythm application to download.


THE VOICE OF THE WOODS — The Ogham form an ancient Celtic alphabet, based on trees and used for inscriptions on monuments and for the organization of knowledge. Think of your plot or character question and type it into the text box below, then click the "Consult the Ogham" button. Three trees will be chosen — one each for the Past, the Present and the Future — and information about each will be displayed. (This one may not give you anything useful, but it's an interesting site)


FRIENDS & LOVERS RELATIONSHIP MAGAZINE — ARTICLES — Read relationship articles about the topics your characters are dealing with. Is your heroine wondering where to meet people? Read "How & Where to Meet People". Does your hero need dating advice? Read "What Women Really Want From A Man". Get a new perspective on everything from "How to Break Up with A Woman" to what to do when your characters are "Suddenly Single".

NEWS OF THE WEIRD A weekly syndicated column by Chuck Shepherd containing synopses of bizarre news stories reported in various sources and is carried in over 200 newspapers. Sometimes it takes something a little off-beat to spice up a dull plot.

WEIRD NEWS SITESThis list of sites may have some interesting tales to spark your creativity.

STUPID PEOPLEMine these real anecdotes for a silly incident or a colorful secondary character to add a spark to your storyline.

COOL JOBS Check out this list of interesting occupations. A fascination career can help your story become a page-turner.

CRAPPY JOBS These funny or weird stories of jobs others have had may inspire something offbeat for your characters to do.